Worlds Pit Advice?

Looking for any advice on what to ship to worlds as far as pit setup, or maybe more important, what not to ship.
What sort of infrastructure/tech support is available? (tools, spare parts, etc…)
Any pics of recent Worlds Pits anyone would like to share?
It’s a long way from Michigan to Houston TX, and we’ve not done this before, so any friendly advice appreciated!

3322 Skyline Robotics
(formerly Eagle Imperium)

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Pits at worlds are pretty much the same size as regular events- they tend towards the larger side of the spectrum.

As far as infrastructure, you get a power drop as well as a coax connection with channels for each of the fields broadcasts.

There will be spare parts kits for each field, and a machine shop onsite. Tools aren’t supplied, but if you need a specific tool you can go to Pit admin to ask for them to request it over the PA.

There will be CSAs, as well as a robot Service Center with booths for most of the major vendors

We went in 2019, if you are traveling with a crate then I would suggest to only bring the necessary. Basic set of tools and some back up stuff. There are many teams that drive there so they have full equip pits. If you need some thing just ask around and most big teams will be ecstatic to help. Also if you are flying you can get students to throw some stuff in their luggage.


Also if you need some parts ordered if it’s in stock you can get them to ship it to Houston for free. The big companies like andy mark, vex, revs all offer this service

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A lot of the volunteers, especially the RI’s are local so they are likely to know which teams have parts or tools they can loan.

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