Worm Gear?

We were wondering where we could purchase around 35" long worm gears? The diameter of the shaft isn’t too big of an issue as long as it can take the strain of moving upwards of 75 pounds horizontally. We require two of said worm gears with soem sort of female attachment to make use of the gear.

Basically we are looking for a longer version of the worm gear and female attachment that came in the kit of parts…

Any help would be appreciated

I believe what you are looking for is a lead screw. Search McMaster.com for lead screws and you should find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the pitch, etc. of the screw in the kit. Anyone have these measurements?

Your looking for a lead screw.
Last year we used one from Kerk Motion to lift our arm assembly.
They work very well, and can take the regular abuse of the FRC competition enviroment. After having our cart assembly on our rail slider knocked off, the lead screw took the load, and still to this day is moving it up and down, after some gentle persuation using the lathe :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for correcting my terminology… by searching for lead screws we were able to find lead screws more suited to our needs. However the lengths of these lead screws seem to be relatively short, in comparison to the approximately 35" lead screws that we are in need of…

Look at McMaster page 1079. They have nuts for them too.

McMaster-Carr has 6 foot lengths. I am not sure how what diamiter, turns per inch, etc. you need, but here is a 3/8" diamiter, 6 foot screw: part# 98940A006

Edit: here is the matching nut

part# 6350K35

thank you very much, this was exactly what we needed

You’ll also find appropriate types of screw mechanisms as “Acme threaded rod” or “ball screws”.

Worm gears sets are intended to remain in a fixed position with respect to each other; lead screws are designed to translate. They aren’t interchangeable with lead screws, as a result.

If cost is an issue, you can use non-precision or low-precision lead screw material. This costs up to 50% less than precision material, which can be had with accuracies better than 0.001" per foot. Even regular hardware store “all thread” threaded rod can be adequate if accuracy (less than a few thousandths) is not required.

If the price you find is OK, though, just buy it.