We want to use the WormBox (am-0917) to lift our robot on the pyramid but the plastic gears don’t look very strong. The specs say it can hold 94 N-m so it should be enough… did any team try this gearbox for this purpose?

We have used worms in the past for many things. They tend to be nice for things like winches and usually are hard to back drive. Under heavy loads they are often very in-efficient though so make sure you use a low efficiency value in your calculations.

Do you use worms other than the Andymark Wormbox? If so, where do you buy them, or are they custom made?

Do you have an approximation of what efficiancy to account for when the wormbox is under a heavy load (i.e. weight of the robot).

The Wormbox gears are from a garage door opener. I think I might have had a small part in initiating the concept for this gearbox? Anyways, the gears in my garage door openers (in service for almost 20 years) have been really good as far as strength, the only problems they normally encounter is wear due to lack of lubrication, and wear due to the shaft bushings wearing out when they also are not properly lubricated.