Worried about COTS motor

I’m working with my team on a lot of advanced navigation and one of the tools onboard our test bot is a spinning lidar drum, the drum is a flat hockey puck sized disk utilizing an embedded 5v 4hz motor with extremely low torque, its comparable to a PC fan witch, as my team told me, made it perfectly fine for FRC as units like the limelight and the nvidia jetson utilize fans of larger or same size motor capacity. Has anyone run into a situation where first staff had problems with a COTS motor like this? thank you.

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I strongly suggest reading R34. You can find it by searching the Manual for “LIDAR”.

As for what it says…


You’re fine.

The only motors and actuators permitted on 2019 ROBOTS include the following (in any quantity):
[…farther down in the table…]
Motors integral to a COTS sensor (e.g. LIDAR, scanning sonar, etc.), provided the device is not modified except to facilitate mounting

In other words, if someone has an issue, the LRI is on your side on this one. You’re fine. At least for 2019; 2020 may have a different rule.


Thank you so much! Wonderful to know, I hope the rule wont change much for the upcoming season.