Worst Movie Ever

I wasn’t really intending to make this into a thread where everyone posts the worst movie they’ve ever seen (although I guess it’s alright) but instead to discuss a movie I just wasted an hour of my time on.

Has anyone seen the 2003 movie Elephant? OMG what kind of sick @#$& director/producer/writer would even consider making such a thing!?!? This was about the worst story I have ever seen in a film production. Not to mention it had several camera shots over 30 seconds long and half of them were of the back of someone’s head and a quarter of them were so blurry they’d make you nauseous to look at and the dialog and acting was pure amateur. But my main gripe is really the story, I never want to have to watch that again. I’d not an “all Disney all the time” type of movie watcher but I think this movie just takes it a little too far. I watch CSI three times a week, I’ve watched movies where whole cities are obliterated in an instant, and I don’t mind it at all. But this Elephant movie really got to me. Treating human lives like a few pixels on the screen of a video game, just awful. I think movies that analyze the mind of a psycho person are interesting, but although I can’t put my finger on it, something about this movie was just plain wrong and I didn’t walk away from this movie with a good feeling at all.

After watching this, I’m sorry I own a TV and I’m sorry I pay extra for movie channels. That movie was really quite disturbing.

So, hopefully someone else has seen it and is with me on this one.

And for all of you who enjoy playing arcade games like Time Crisis and whatnot, I encourage you to watch this movie and maybe then you’ll think again. I think PacMan eating little dots will do just fine for me.

I still want the 1:30 of my life back that I wasted watching Napoleon Dynamite.


Is that the movie you were talking about? Elephant? It sounds familiar, what pay channel was it on? If it was on Showtime I may have seen part of it.
It looks like an independant film maker just trying to make a film about columbine and trying to cash in on the public’s voyeuristic tendancy to know about tragedy…
(Titanic Anyone?? - I liked that movie, just an example lol)

But if you want a movie about that type of incident (school shootings, and bullying, and other kinds of teen angst and HS drama) that will make you think, seriously go watch the movie “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead
That movie was like… Whoa…
It also wasn’t “Disneyesque” so it’s not for everyone, but Middle schoolers, and HSers could benefit from watching it from a perspective of our reality which may and can take place in your school nowadays.

Anyways… tragedy’s aside (besides box offfice totals), I fell asleep in the movie theaters watching Battlefield Earth…
Horrible role for Travolta, and just a horrible movie overall.
I watched about a half hour, woke up to a planet blowing up, and was like… what did I miss, and I look over and 2 other people I was with were asleep too…

Horrible, Horrible movie…

Oh, and for fear of getting all the red dots in the world for reputation, I thought Monty Python and The Holy Grail was borderline bad as well.
It had one funny part. The bunny rabbit. That’s about it.
Fell asleep watching that too. Woke up, and the people I was with made me watch that rabbit scene. That made it worth my little time I spent awake watching it.

Howard the Duck was so terrible that I hid my face when I left the theater so nobody I know would know I had paid to see it.

To Elgin:

Incidentally, The Marksman was awful. Wesley Snipes, straight to video. My parents paid money to rent it, and I actually watched it. To anybody who knows anything, it’s bad; really bad. (Includes F-14s flown by Army pilots from a Navy carrier that bears a submarine’s registry number. Air force flies F-4s in the present day. Said Army pilots shoot down Russians over Russian airspace without asking for permission; but they’re there because the Russians asked for their help. Nobody uses night vision goggles; instead, they wave white flashlights around; miraculously don’t get shot. Wesley Snipes places magic homing device on reactor so that smart bombs can find it; only problem—why do you need Wesley to plant a magic homing device if you already know exactly where the target is? Blowing up reactor will purportedly kill hundreds of thousands; terrorists/Russians try to set up Americans to destroy reactor. How? By threatening to blow up reactor first.*)

*I’m deliberately overlooking the one plot subtlety in the movie, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone…

I second that, only I could only stand 15 minutes.

I’d also like to add “Gone Fishin” to the list.

<comic book guy style>
Worst. Movies. Ever.

Hm though I didn’t see Gigli (did anyone???) I hear that was pretty bad.

My personal least favorite movie was Barber Shop. I honestly thought the screen could’ve been left blank and I would’ve been more amused. That aside, I think my favorite comedy would be The Notebook…

ducks mob of angry women

It seems like most people liked Elephant.

However, there were 100 other movies that made the bottom 100 list.

I’m a little surprised Starship Troopers 2 didn’t make it up (down?) there. That movie should get bad ratings just for being bad. Then the ratings should be lowered for desecrating its awesome parent movie. I couldn’t believe how bad it was. I didn’t think that someone would put in so much energy to make such a bad movie. Didn’t they realize how bad it was before they released it?

Starship Troopers (the first) wasn’t so fantastic either. (“Oh look, an asteroid is about to flatten the starship. Let’s wait until the last possible second to actually try to dodge it, because we’ve got Denise Richards piloting the ship.”…crash!)

And a bonus: Trail of the Pink Panther](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trail_of_the_Pink_Panther) was a travesty. Old clips of Peter Sellers (who, by this point, was actually deceased) strung together without a plot. This is one that my parents rented in my youth, and I never forgave them for it. (Do you see a pattern emerging?)

I seriously saw this movie like 4 times, unfortunately.

I fell asleep as soon as I got on one flight, and wokeup partway through the movie. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I watched it.

Then at a later date, I was reading a magazine or something on another flight, and I figured I’d watch it just because I don’t like seeing half a movie. Only problem was I started watching like 10 minutes before where I started the first time.

And then finally, on another flight, I saw the whole thing.

All in all, I thought it was lame. And then ending was lame too. Everyone I know cried when they saw it. I was like “cool, they died together, and she finally remembered”.


Not as bad as I want my 6h 55m and $30 back for Star Wars: Episodes 1-3…

Fool me once? Shame on you… Fool me thrice? I’m just a wishful thinker :frowning:

As for a “worst movie ever” I can’t really decide on just one, but DNA (rip-offs and terrible acting/special effects galore) or Freddy Got (blank) (Tom Green FTW! Or more accurately, “FTL!”).

You don’t know bad until you’ve seen Manos:the Hands of Fate, roughly meaning-

Hands: the Hands of fate.First off it was written and directed by a FERTILIZER

SALESMAN. It starts with a nine minute driving scene which, all in all, serves no

purpose in the movie. It was even a magazine article (Entertainment Weekly) as

the worst movie of all time. Sadly, the first time I watched it I did not see the MST3K

version and swore I would never see it again. Now after about 10 times watching it

(With the MST3K version) I still have yet to find a plot or find out what Torgo is

supposeds to be (a goat man of some sort I’ve heard?)

Cory, I couldn’t last 1 min 30 sec of Napoleon Dynamite.

Tristan, again we disagree (surprised?) Starship Troopers is the best B movie ever made.

Worst movie ever, and I bought it, Sandra Bullock (I’m in love) in Hangmen. I am really glad I bought it though because now I have a reference point for the ultimately worst movie. After I show it to people they change their minds on bad movies.

This I can’t believe…You didn’t think the battle of the black knight was funny, or the three questions or the Grail Light House? You must have watched a different “Holy Grail”.

I must agree with Napoleon Dynamite, my son conned me into watching it this weekend and it was a toss up which was going to drive me screaming mad first. Watching another minute of the movie or installing WINXP.

I think the worst ‘sitting through’ movie i ever saw was Walking Tall (the original, back in the 70s?)

The violence was all the more gutwrenching because the movie was based on a real story -and it was unusually long for movies back then

I remember sitting there thinking “Isnt this movie EVER going to end?”

Napoleon Dynamite was horrible and the worst part is I have friends who wont stop talking about it! They loved it.

IT has to be the thee stupidest movie I have ever seen. I thought it was going to be scary down to the core because i hate clowns…but it was like a fake horror movie. anyone can see it…believe me it wont scare you…i acutally laughed.

Prozac Nation.

ducks angry mob of woman

-Andy A.

Snow Walker.

It’s about this pilot who crashes in alaska who get’s saved by an inuit girl he happens to pick up to take to a hospital. It ends kind of abruptly with his funeral (everyone think’s he’s dead) and occasionally showing him walking towards these inuits. And then it ends and the credits come. I watched the credits hoping that after the credits the movie would end. It did not.