Worst possible game

In the spoopy spirit of the season, let’s discuss the scariest thing possible, a bad frc game, what do you think is the worst possible combination of past game elements?

Mine is a playing lunacy, full with trailer goals and floor material, but instead of shooting balls, robots move logomotion pieces onto the opponents goals,with higher rungs meaning more points, then at the end the robots hang from something, human players cannot put the pieces onto opponents goals (so no pinning the bots nearby and just wrecking the opponent)

Lunacy, but with barriers limiting each robot to its own zone and the total number of game pieces in everyone’s trailers being the score issued to everyone (6v0).

This would be just the 2015 game played again exactly as it was.

No no no… 2015 played on Regolith.

I disagree. Recycle Rush had many, many, many flaws…but it also birthed a lot of really cool, one-off designs (see also: #TeamTether, harpoons, factory robots, 1114 doing kiwi…).

If you wanted to make it the absolute worst, give it some obnoxious rules on what the robot can do above the bumper zone like Breakaway, then add some field features that incentivize staying short anyway. So that way you’ll have a snoozer game and 95% of the robots looking the same.

Or you could just do Breakaway with enough team updates to make 469’s robot completely illegal, and be done with it.

I think we’re getting somewhere.

2015, played on regolith (and with Lunacy wheels), with rules that make it really hard to be tall.

Alternatively, Breakaway style game with regolith and a completely divided field like 2015. Also closing the 469 loophole and keeping the 2010 ranking system.

The 2010 ranking system sold it for me. Done, ship it.

Worst possible game?

FIRST closes up shop, no game this year or ever again.

I don’t know, it’s pretty close between that and 2015 + Breakaway robot rules - loopholes.

1992, replayed using grits in place of the dry corn.

That would be a travesty to both the gearboxes of the robots and the grits.

I thought about the worst features of the worst games, and what they had in common. Rules that cannot be explained to the people who walk in off the street, with subtleties that most FRC teams miss, and not very exciting, to boot. My musings make me think that the worst possible FRC game (apart from no game at all) would be the robotic analog to this.


and the name of that game would be FIRST: True Grits, and the Search for Hominy.

Aerial Assist on regolith (with Lunacy wheels)?

Alternatively, Aerial Assist where high-speed ramming is legal and you receive some kind of point bonus for it.

This is a good starting point, but we can do much much worse:
Add a 50% chance of a couple of DOGMA penalties for every scored game piece.
Tech fouls are worth 50 points and refs give them out every time a HP blinks their eyes the wrong way.
Referees are not allowed to tell teams what they were penalized for, instead, when teams go to the question box, all they can do is tell the refs how much we appreciate them and how good of a job they are doing.
+10 points if you break the opponent’s driver station by running into the wall during auto.
An official match contains 200 game pieces, and each costs a minimum of $200.
Instead of the GDC answering the Q&A, you must send all official questions to your grandma, asking her what she would do in a given situation.

Split field a la RR, but with obnoxiously shaped game pieces, like oversized jacks.

You guys are way over-complicating this. Just take the limit as FIRST approaches political correctness. Here is what you get:

Every team is a world champion (by default). They each get the same trophy. Awards are given for how many nice things a team said. There is no competition, each event is just a long field delay where refs and mascots dance to YMCA and the Cha Cha Slide. Everybody congratulates everybody on what a great job they did. Anybody that says a discouraging word or offends aybody else is banned for life.


A game like 2014 where there is a lot of hitting and open field. Every drive wheel on the robot is required to be an omni or mecanum wheel by rule.

I think you just described the best game of RC bumper cars ever.

Seriously though I wouldn’t mind this at all.

Playing on a floor covered with entanglement hazards - something like 5000 pieces of rope.

Time to go work on that flying robot…