Worst you've seen to the Defenses?

This pretty much describes every single wood-version Portcullis ever made. I don’t think I’ve seen a single one that survived the whole build season intact (with the possible exception of ones that were never used with actual robots).

386 broke the Drawbridge in half at South Florida. I will include a picture later if I remember.

This is my new favorite video.

I added a feature to a low bar once. After some robots knocked the pipe out of a practice low bar, I tried to repair it by stapling the fabric back together over he pipe. I needed something solid behind the fabric so the staple gun would work properly. I came across two scrap wood blocks, one of which I set the pipe on so it didn’t pull the fabric down, and the other I held behind the staple gun. The staples went farther than expected, and bound the wood block to the low bar. I ended up using zip ties.

5607 almost crossed the Cheval de Frise, then decided that following a destructive robot wasn’t the best idea. Red robot(435?) in the secret passage was about to go back to the courtyard, then decided, “I think we’ll stay out of their way…” :smiley:

What was that portcullis made of? Did a wooden robot break a wooden defense?

Looks both entertaining and slightly terrifying. Will there be a webcast?


Yep, wooden.

At the Fall Classic, we had to repair the low bars (wooden) three times. The third time, right after the second time, we had to pull them off of the field to repair, so we ran the Rock Wall instead for a few matches.

At GKC, we had knocked off the plastic cover on the side of the sally port at some point. That was the extent of the damage I saw. I know we have video of that somewhere…

At GKC we had a funny instance to add to our list of things we gave out with our No Robot Left Behind (NRLB) program. The field crew came into the pit looking for tools and we gave them a hacksaw, which they used on the ramparts IIRC.

I found a description: “In Kansas City, the balls held up reasonably well, but the parts on some defenses took lots of abuse. A pin holding down the Ramparts got damaged, and it took a hacksaw to get the Ramparts removed from the floor. The Sally Fort doors were also in frequent need of repair between matches. Other defenses were accumulating burrs. We wonder how the field will hold up to several more weeks of competition.”](https://www.reddit.com/r/FRC/comments/4ag4us/for_those_who_have_already_competed_1_question/d112z82)

We share a practice field with 3130 and their low bar was a bit narrower than the competition one (that or ours was wider). I stopped counting how many times we broke it (way more than 5). Some of their freshman got a good learning experience at least…

Remember that curie division match where the portacalus came out good time good times


We had a fun match at SMR.

We had a tracked robot and as a result we didn’t need very much ground clearance (only slightly more than an inch), we had a polycarb bellypan, which was fine the whole season, our wooden version of the rough terrain though is a different story. I (the driver) tore some of the blocks off the rough terrain.

In competition at Rocket City one robot attempting the drawbridge managed to start peeling the sticker off the bridge part as they pushed it down. No real damage as it just got stuck back on, but certainly interesting.

So, for purposes of shooting and being defended… did they complete a crossing?

My guess it would be a field fault.

I think it counts as crossed. The robot ends fully contained by the opponent’s courtyard. Nothing says it has to end completely free of contact with the DEFENSE.

It does count as a crossing but thanks to the rock wall coming out of the outer works it is a field fault

Our base driver had a love/hate relationship with the Sally Port this year. It was damaged in a number of matches and the field crew gave the team some pieces as a trophy (notably a gas shock and a piece of the frame itself).

The defenses at the Suffield Shakedown were all wood and were beat HARD. I saw ramparts become a ramp. Drawbridges and portcullises becoming open doorways and overall some pretty badly beaten field elements.

I didn’t say it wasn’t a field fault, I just answered Andrew’s question.

Yup, that’s the one I was remembering!

I believe it was at the Chesapeake District Championship (home of the dramatic e-stop malfunction) where someone attempted to cross the ramparts at high speed and sent them flying across the field.