Would any SoCal Teams be interested in an exhibition game?

Team 992 started out this year’s season with very little school support, but, following the advice of Team 22’s Wendy Wooten, we invited the Principal and Headmaster of our school to the SoCal Regional. The good news is that they are now both hooked on FIRST, but, as a side effect, they are now looking for our team to host an event later this year to introduce FIRST to all the students and parents that couldn’t be at our regional.

The question is: would any teams be interested in participating in an exhibition game/scrimmage in North Hollywood, CA? The tentative date at this point is May 19th, which corresponds with the annual Oakwood Fair (which features live music, games, rides, shopping, food, etc.). Nothing is definate or set in stone at this point, but we are just trying to gauge interest. I know that there are other off-season competitions in the area, but we can’t get enough of this stuff.

If there are any teams that are interested, please email us or reply here, so I can tell the school whether or not it is feasable.


Zan…i can’t promise we’ll be there, but my team always does these scrimmage things (there going to be referees?? :smiley: ). I’ll let my team leaders know to talk to you about it. Hope to see u there!