Would burlap or denim bumper fabric violate R29D?

My team was planning on using bumper fabric that would help us hold opponents. We think burlap or denim would do the job really well, but were unsure if they would count as “smooth cloth” in R29-D.

R29. BUMPERS must be constructed as follows

D. be covered with a rugged, smooth cloth. (multiple layers of cloth and seams are permitted if needed to accommodate R26.)

What other materials have teams used for this purpose?


I’m not at all surprised you guys would want grippy fabric for defense!

We are using Cordura for our “pushing” ends, and sailcloth for our “sliding” sides. The problem with denim is that it doesn’t necessarily meet the definition of “rugged”, and burlap definitely doesn’t meet the definition of “smooth” (both are in R29D). There are coated Cordura fabrics that have a stickier surface and still meet the definitions.