would it be better if exams......

If exams were before christmas brake? I think so. You wouldnt have the two weeks of forgeting the material that you only have one week to remember it when you get back. Besides that would also mean we could be able to forcus more on designing the robot instead of missing some meetings to study for exams. Even though it would mean starting school early and geting out sooner. I thing it would be easier for most of us.
So how many people would agree on having exams before brake? i would like to know what you think. :slight_smile: :cool:

I think having exams the week before a Christmas Break is the best way to go. It allows students to not have to worry about studying during their break and it also frees up time so they can participate in FIRST.

All through out my high school years my finals were before Christmas. I would have hated to have them after Christmas because I know I wouldn’t study, even though I can’t say I did much of that in High School anyways.


I think schools should just make exams available online, this way you can take them whenever you want. it would be soo much easier. and cheating could come off the honor system, since I’d never cheat :smiley:

i would definitely like the exams before the holidays. it would make it so much easier on me and my team. my friend’s school actually has their exams in december, but her school doesnt have a robotics team so it doesnt affect them in that way.

One of the first things my school did when it went charter was too change the schedule. We had finals before winter break and yeah, it felt great! But we lost a week of instruction and stuff and school started in august. That means all the people on sports team were constantly dehydrated adn about to pass out and stuff. But yeah, it does feel good to have nothing to worry about over winter break since we had to turn our books in :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the downside is that school would start a lot earlier in the summer. Not sure if it’s worth the sacrifice.

i go to a community college and we start the last week of august and have our finals before christmas break. we also dont come back from winter break till early feb!! i love college!!!

I am still unsure if I like having exams before xmas. You still run into a similar situation. With having a week off for Thanksgiving break, coming back, and having one week before finals. At least with it being after xmas, you have two chances to study and redeem yourself.