Would One Swerve Wheel Work?

You would have to make sure that as you’re “leaning” to turn, your bumpers don’t go outside the bumper zone.

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A two-wheeled “rocker” in the middle is better than a single wheel for an H drive, because it doesn’t have any weight on it (so it’s not stealing traction) when it’s not being used.

Counterintuitively x-drive is actually faster in the primary directions. Here’s the best explaining article I found: https://aura.org.nz/why-is-x-drive-faster/

Interestingly one could use this principle to make a cvt by rotating your omni wheels (omni wheel swerve anyone?).


Kiwi drive would like to know your location


Hey y’all, we’re definitely interested in swerve for the future seasons, here’s a picture of our current robot using a KoP drivetrain (AM14U5). Hoping we can step it up in the off-season with some cool things!

(Full disclaimer: we are aware of the many challenges that swerve presents, we thought the 1 wheel swerve was an innovative idea that could come up with some awesome movements. We have designs for a WCD, however we did not feel that the attempt to make one over the kitbot would be worth it…glad we made that decision)

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Just some academic silliness that’s loosely related to the OPs question:

You can get a 1 wheel robot that has control of 3 degrees of freedom (translational XY and rotation). And that wheel doesn’t even need to pivot like swerve!

Meltybrain robots use their 1 wheel to spin very fast and a gyro to time acceleration and deceleration of their wheel such that every time they do a full revolution, they also translate a little bit.

Open source meltybrain software (not by me):
Open Melt - Open Source Melty Brain / Translational Drift.

You can see one “driving” here:

Of any possible FRC drivetrain, this is among the least advisable.

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I have a One Wheel. Absolutely fantastic and I love it, but it would be horrible for FRC lol

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So, I was just thinking… BB-8 is technically a one-wheel swerve (at least in terms of what he puts to the floor).


If we’re going here, an H-drive would probably be more viable than a singular swerve module.

Confirmed it does indeed work.

Also, 3 modules does sorta mostly work, as we discovered unintentionally a few times.

It is oddly poetic to bring the average number of functional modules per swerve bot back to four in that brief period of time at the event.

I saw a two module drive today at GKC. They had corner omnis and kit chassis. The swerve modules were where the center wheels would be. It looked like they had to cut the inside rail and they also lifted the modules above the frame level because they were taller AM? modules. It was 5141 Griffinite’s robot.

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