Would There be interest in a Strategy discussion group?

I am the strategy captain for Team 303, and very often I find myself wishing that I had others in a similar position to help me think about different strategies and tactics. To this end, I wanted to begin a group on Skype or similar software that would always have people on from all around the world weighing their instantaneous opinions on whatever people wanted to talk about. In addition, I feel that people knowing each other better before competitions would help to make the competitions themselves more enjoyable for everyone involved. Would anyone be interested in a group like this? I hope that other people have had similar feelings, and would like a location for discussions and back-and-forth that Chief Delphi frowns upon.

I hope you all would be interested,
Brian Engelstein

(P.S. This is in no way an attempt to steal the thunder or traffic from Chief Delphi. I was hoping to simply begin a location for some discussion that is not usually seen on this site. I do not believe I have broken any rules. but if I have, feel free to lock this thread and I apologize.)

I’d definitely be interested. I don’t see it as taking traffic from CD, but rather opening up another line of communication with the rest of FIRST. Forums are great for discussion in a community as large as CD, but as anyone on an experienced FIRST team would know, live discussion with a small team or group can be just as valuable. Whether it be Skype, IRC, Ventrilo, Teamspeak or xFire, a stable chatroom would definitely be something I could come back to at night after a long meeting.

This place might fill your needs. Its a multi-team scouting alliance. However, my explanation of it will not do it justice.

You should go to the site and contact Danny Blau (Founder) at [email protected]

Thank you for the quick replies! I think the site posted is very interesting, but it seems more like a resource, while what I propose is more of a communal chatroom. That site seems more in line with a future 303 project (coming soon!). I am glad for the enthusiasm and with a little more support I can launch it.


I might be interested in something like this, but I would worry about not having enough people actually on in the chat at any one time.

Would you document the conversations some how?

I would also worry about the lack of people, but there is only one way to remedy it. As for recording information, I am unsure of a way to do it in skype, but I am sure that people could think of somthing, or that people could just grab what they wanted.

I would be interested, my team gets sick of listening to some of my tactics sometimes.

Because a day lost in this competition can be disastrous, and I am impatient, I am starting the group. Friend me (Brian Engelstein) on skype, and I will invite you to the group.