Would there be interest in...?

I’m wondering if anyone would have interest in a tutorial that shows how to create chains, treads, and such in 3DSMAX without using the path deform modifier. The path deform is nice if you want the length and shape of your object to change I suppose, but the way I’d show you is the way it would work it real life. Anyone interested?

I’m new to the animation thing but I’d love to learn. :slight_smile:

I’d go through modelling and such, the 3DSMAX measuring tool, and the actual animation so people of any level could do it.

That sounds awesome, I’d love to learn some new things!

do we have a date or time when this would happen by chance?

I’ll try to get it done before break, if not it will be during or like a day after I get back from break (January 5th).

I don’t know what that means…
but it sounds good to me.
I can learn.

how would we do this? would it be via IRC?

No guys, he’s going to make a tutorial… just hold your horses :wink:

There is a different way to create those items with out the deform modifier but it does take longer and it is more confusing. For anyone that is new with the software don’t expect to get anything done to fast. Modleing is a long involved process. There maybe another way that i do not know of to create those items that i do not know.

Now everyone from our animation team is on this thread.

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