Would this work for my CANcoder wiring?

Im just starting to use cancoders and i just have a tiny question on how to wire them. can i splice all the wires together and plug them into one pdp spot like this?

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Yes, it’s fine to splice in the harness. The key requirements are that only one red and one black wire go into the actual PDP contacts, and all wiring end-to-end meets the wire size requirement for the fuse/breaker in the PDP.

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so if im understanding correctly. we are required to splice them?

Yes. (or go 1:1 to separate PDP terminals, but I doubt that’s what you’re asking). Alternatively you could use a terminal block / REV MPM / bus bar / WAGOs instead of splicing wires.

Only one wire can leave each PDP terminal and they must be protected by an appropriately sized breaker. If you wish to use smaller wires you must use an appropriately smaller breaker following the manual.

The way I read the rules, once it reaches your splice it is now considered a custom circuit and could use smaller wires at your own risk. Edit: This might be incorrect

The REV mini power module is a great option for wiring up sensors and other items into one big “custom circuit”.

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No. R622 makes no exceptions for custom circuits until you are downstream of another breaker/fuse or regulator, or if the device manufacturer “recommends” a different wire size. I could see a team arguing that the CANCoder User’s Guide says to attach ~20 AWG wire to the thru-holes, so maybe that qualifies into the “recommended” category, but really there’s no reason to not use a 5A breaker in the PDP here, and per the rules, 20 AWG is fine for a 5A breaker or 10A fuse protected circuit.

Hmm yeah, looks like I am out of date on that one. I thought that rule only applied to branch circuits, but while the rules before and after it specify branch circuits, R622 does not.

what size breaker should i use for all of the cancoders?

Use a 5A breaker (or smaller)

The CANcoders only draw .06A max so you could use a tiny .5 amp breaker/fuse and they would be fine.

They use 22awg wire, which per Rule R622 meets the requirement for any of these locations:

We are using one of these Distribution Blocks to provide 12Vdc to the CANCoders and other low current loads. Make sure the wiring and fusing complies with R622 in the Game Manual.