Would you Attend Champs this Year if you Qualified?

With the single championship event hosted in Houston, I’m looking to get some early insight into what teams are thinking!

Will you attend champs this year if you qualify?
  • Yes
  • No
  • TBD

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Sir, the announcement came out like 9 minutes ago…


And I’ve already heard from 4 teams that have said they’re out… I’m wondering how widespread that stance is.


dang really? I feel like its WAY too early to make that call… Though it being in Texas does make me nervous, especially if FIRST isn’t legally able to put in proper safety precautions. I’m glad it’s no longer during finals week though…


Should be a breakdown of if Houston was your home event before


In some cases there are policies in place for orgs about travel to areas where Covid policies are illegal.

Or simply certain areas where due to higher risk travel results in quarantine periods. I went on a vacation a few weeks ago and drove through a state that was a hot spot so when I returned I wasn’t allowed into the office for 2 weeks. (I don’t go in anyway, but could be a hurdle for some)

It is highly unlikely Team 1967 would be allowed to participate even if we qualified.

Our school has decided that none of the co-curricular programs are to engage in anything that would require “travel” (defined as an event where we would stay at a hotel or make a significant commute otherwise), which has limited us to the San Francisco, Monterey, and San Jose State Regionals for this year. We have been told that Champs is a bridge to be crossed when we come to it, however with other teams and programs being held by the same rules it feels disrespectful to our peers to negotiate our way as an exception.

Unless something changes drastically for the better in the next few months, I do not see it possible for us to both fight for permission and then coordinate a trip under the tight turnaround with absolutely zero preparation supported by the school (pre-reserving hotels, flights, whatever else may be with travel is not something we can request in our budget expenses).


Everyone knows the real championship is in San Jose in September / October.


We’re in a similar boat. The Championship being in Houston has nothing to do with us not being able to attend, it’s our district’s current policies on any travel at all. Our school district is not allowing overnight travel currently (hotel stay) so even trying to attend the AZ North Regional which is 3 hours from us is a big uncertainty. Out of state travel has an approximately 0% chance of being approved this school year.


I too love CalGames


I’m not even sure yet if I’ll be going (and I haven’t missed champs since 2011!). There’s no way i could even say if my team would. Fortunately, we won’t have to make that decision until much closer to the event, when we’ll have a much better idea what the covid situation will be like.

Sir, IRI would like a word.

Seriously though, no offseason is a good replacement for getting an idea for a “Championship”


I want to see what FIRST’s mask / vaccination requirements, and any other restrictions will be, before making that decision.

I don’t feel super comfortable that the event is in a state with basically no requirements (or, you know, regard for science).


Or regard for respecting many groups of people.

Bluntly - I continue to be irked that an organization that claims to support diversity and inclusion hosts its capstone event in a state that continues to demonstrate not just a disregard but active hostility to those ideals.

(Clippy - it looks like you’re kicking a hornets nest are you sure?

Yes. Send tweet)


so using the CDC Tracker AT THE MOMENT. (and I understand will change, and this data only shows part of the picture)
Harris County has a higher vaccination rate and lower community spread than Wayne or Macomb County.


I’ll agree with the others that this was a financial decision, not a safety one. They can nearly guarantee that the state of Texas isn’t going to do anything about anything.

But local spread isn’t super useful when it comes to an event that brings large groups of people from around the world under one roof.


Barring both substantial evidence that FIRST would provide explicit safety protocols, and a major concession from the administrators of both my school and our district, there is no realistic way for my team to travel to Texas for Champs or anything else this school year. If we qualify I’ll put in the effort but I don’t think it’s realistically possible. Bummer, I was just saying today that I would have requested a switch to Detroit if we did well enough.


School restrictions in a pandemic aside, I’m not sure I feel comfortable there as a human being.

So many other conventions & concert tours pulled OUT of Texas so as not to support the state’s economy or reward them for the hostility towards human rights. Why did FIRST lean in?


As a mentor, I agree that it’s way to early to make that call and I too am nervous because it’s Texas but as of now I am making plans like I would if it were a regular season. After all the kids have been through these last two years, they deserve to have as normal of a season as possible.

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My guess is they have a multi-year deal that was put in place years ago and now they can’t get out? Again—just a guess.

Just for funsies–where would you like to see a Championship? Personally Ohio or Indiana but I am a PA based team so that just logically makes sense for me. Also- DC would be an awesome location but also not very practical for most teams.

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