Would you be interested in watching streams of older events?

With the regular season being postponed (along with most other sports,) is there interest in having older events be streamed to watch during comp weekends?

I have a few different events worth of videos ive been slacking on uploading, and with all the newfound free time that COVID-19 has provided i can get around to actually uploading them, so it wouldnt be too hard to have older events be streamed before uploading them to YT/TBA.

If there is interest, I can have an event running tomorrow (probably 2014 Waterloo or 2011 Peachtree), but not all of them include a full event’s worth of footage (2014 Waterloo for example is missing driver intros/scores, while 2011 Peachtree is the full livestream sans lunch breaks.)

  • Im interested!
  • Im not interested

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I haven’t been able to find much of 2013 and I’d love to watch more of those if possible


I think if it could be arranged to have commentary before and after matches (similar to what we see during some live events) it could be really fun to watch. Especially people who were around those years and can provide insight on game strategy to those who might not have been around.


To get that id probably need to get FUN’s help, or at least someone who can actually commentate. Chances are, ill just have an event going for fun tomorrow, but if someone wants to help with that though im down.

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It’d be awesome to watch old elimination matches and maybe even bring on guests that were present or even took place in the match in some way.

There are so many old epic FRC matches that a lot of FIRSTers are totally unaware of today - the 710 match, any 71 match from 2002, Einstein 2007 Finals 3 aka “the tube” match. Plenty of oldies in the vault that would be cool to watch and discuss.


I would be very on board with this. If you can’t get something more ‘official’ in terms of commentating, if people wanted to hop on a discord call or something similar and just hang out that could be fun too. Reminds me of jumping on voice calls to watch sports (and FRC events on a few occasions) together with friends who live in other places.


Yeah we would probably be interested in this. To be under fair use we would actually NEED to have commentary over this. I am sure OP is familiar with DCMA on this type of stuff.

I actually would take almost a MST3K look at this or just jump from match to match with different years instead of just focusing on 1 event. But we can chat offline and I’m down for anything on this end.


It’d be neat to see a profile of a recent powerhouse team and watch their matches through the years.


Effort needed to produce an engaging stream from old raw event video will vary according to the intended audience/use of the finished result. Examples:

  • Single match videos to train scouts would be really useful, if they are edited to include team intros, countdown, actual match time (150 sec), and final score posting; everything else can be edited out. Can this process be automated? Has it already been?

  • Retrospectives on the evolution of particular teams would require much more focused editing of their match videos. Probably no complete matches would be needed, but quite a bit of analysis and commentary would have to be wrapped around clips selected to tell the story. I think producing this genre would fall into the wheelhouse of FUN hosts and regulars.

  • Explication of game play and robot design strategies by very experienced mentors of successful FRC teams would be a more difficult genre to produce, and more interesting to watch, compared with the examples above. Karthik Kanagasabapathy, Dan Kimura, and Clint Bollinger spring to mind as experts I would like to hear from.

This automation already exists, and is used for some official event streams iirc. I think @tweirtx was working on one that caught on?

As for intended use, orginally it was mostly having something to watch with everything else being cancelled. Explaining it farther is great, it’s just mostly outside the scope of what I can do currently. Finding old video that “doesnt exist” is a chore in itself, and most of the time it really doesnt exist.

Gonna explore the above ideas for future weeks, but for now im just going to let Waterloo play for the day. Matches start at 2020-03-15T17:00:00Z and elims at 2020-03-15T20:00:00Z if you’re just interested in those.


Yeah I have an automated splitter if you want. You can run it on my server at https://web.tweirtx.me/rematch (I do ask that you only run one job at a time so as not to completely overwhelm my server).

I’m really enjoying this.
Thank you for the diversion.


@Leap our time has come.


I’ve been running a few strategy streams myself breaking down matches and understanding why things play out. @Andrew_L and I started “Strat Chats” on 299 for students interested in learning more about meta-gaming challenges - sometimes these get streamed, sometimes I do them on my own to give teams on the FRC discord feedback. I’d be more than happy to make these into a bigger thing going forward into the quarantine season!


Thanks for destroying my productivity this afternoon @MikLast :smiley:

Fascinating to watch this game, so cool to see 254 at Waterloo.

This year was looking to be the year Waterloo re-established itself as a ridiculously high-powered event: 33, 610, 1114, 1241, 2056, 3538, 3683, 4130 were all meant to attend - all extremely competent robots, as well as some lesser known strong regional teams: 771, 1334, 2702, 4678, 4814 and 4917.

My fingers are still crossed that globally we’re able to beat down COVID-19 and actually play some of the regional and district events, and that most or all teams who were meant to attend (especially 'loo) will be able to.


Please also post on YouTube. I’d love to watch 2011 but twitch is blocked for a lot of schools

The actual match videos (at least for Waterloo) be up soon-ish (hopefully tonight internet allowing), so they can be added to TBA. If i dont get around to doing Peachtree, ill upload them too either way.

As for streaming to YT, considering that a good portion of schools are closed, and a general dislike for how YT livestreaming is set up, ill probably stick with twitch if this continues.

Gonna test multiple days with 2016 Silicon Valley.

Matches start tomorrow at 2020-03-20T16:45:00Z

I havent ruled out any new commentary, i’ve just been busy with finals. Should have more time to explore soon.