Would you be willing to ....

In light of the “approved interaction rule” and the “limited time and capability to repair rule” - How many teams would be willing to divulge their intentions for playing field interaction (HOW THEY WILL BEHAVE REGARDING THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT) In advance of the compeition ?
For instance, our team will not engage in grabbing at other robots with the intent of dragging or pulling them into a scoring zone. We will not engage in any interaction with the intent to harm or disable the opponent. (This is just me speaking - not my team, yet - until I can get concensus to this behavior)
I know this may sound crazy to many of you, but I wonder if it would assist in setting the tone for the type of gracious professionalism on the field that I (for one) hope to witness.
Could it be deducted that teams that post their intented interaction, or lack of, would be giving away their entire strategy? I hope not, the game this year has alot more to it than bashing, pulling, and smashing into each others robots. I contend that if that is a teams entire strategy, they may win the battle - but they won’t win the war.
Lastly, the teams themselves can and should set the tone for acceptable behavior - teams that decide to ride the edge of the envelop should be noted. I only hope that the selection of partnerships when the seeding matches are over, doesn’t require teams to “pick the neighborhood bully” for protection or out of fear of being broken.
FIRST, you have found a way to truely test our core beliefs and values - and we’ll just see how many teams truely rise to the challenge! That’s just my thoughts, whats yours?

First the fighting was intentionaly put in to add a challenge other than the actual competition.

Second it would be soooo boaring to watch a buch of robots putting balls in these goals over and over. Sure the first few heats will be interesting without fighting. It would be like watching a ballet or something.

Third fighting will allow a change over of goals. how else would a robot steal a goal from another if there is a team with a huge claw holding onto it other than a few good hits to loosen them off but not to the extent of battlebots(hopefully).

Finally I doubt that there will be as much robot fighting as people think. how would people get points if all they do is block and ram the robots the whole time.

If you are that worried put bumpers(thats what they allowed tham for) on your robot and reinforce everything and you should be fine.


Who said anything about fighting? I simply asked if other teams would post their intent. From your response, its obvious that your idea is to ram the opponent off the goal. Enough said - you are entitled to that strategy - I’m not looking to argue for or against any particular strategy, so I won’t take sides regarding which is and isn’t the “right” thing to do.
As for FIRST intentionally putting in fighting to add a challenge - I wouldn’t know about that - I don’t work for FIRST, and that is conjecture on your part. My dealings with FIRST over the past 7 years leads me to believe otherwise. I doubt seriously that they have even considered ALL of the ramifications, but instead are simply adjusting their thinking on the amount of interaction that they will allow.
As far as the excitement of the games while watching robots put balls in over and over - you again are entitled to your opinion, my recollection of 2 years ago is that scoring balls into goals can be pretty exciting (if you know how to do it)
Lastly, thanks for the suggestion about being worried and adding bumpers - I should of thought of that! I think you may have missed the point I was making about gracious professionalism and an attempt to find a potential solution to the problem of broken and destroyed robots PRIOR to this becoming a serious issue. Just thought maybe diplomacy could work - and was interested in finding out how many other teams would agree with this approach. Good luck in this years competition.

As it stands right now, our strategy does not preclude pushing other robots, but our claw system doesn’t really allow grappling of other robots. Of course, we are building a rugged robot, and expect some pushing and shoving to occur. However, we will not, and I repeat, not be out to hurt, disable, or destroy other robots. And in previous years, it certainly was exciting to watch even without any physical contact between robots.