Would you like to support Team 6909 at the World Convention?

My name is Yuki Terasaki and I am a mentor of 6909.
I won the right to compete in the World Championship at the Hawaii Regional.
We can’t bring our batteries because we are a Japanese team and we are taking our robot by plane. Is there any team that can lend me batteries, special tools, and a tent for the pit during the competition?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
4270 has offered to lend me batteries and tools.
(I moved from Discord.)


Hi, we would be happy to help you with batteries. FRC TEAM 4610

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Thank you.
Can I borrow a battery and charger?
Also, what is the maximum number of units that can lend?
We will check with the team to see what other tools are needed.
Could you also lend us a tent to use in the pit?

If you don’t manage to coordinate it fully here, I’m sure if you ask the pit staff at the event they’ll help you source the parts you need. Good luck at worlds!

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I wouldn’t worry too much about having a tent for a display. I would actually recommend keeping the roof of your pit open so there’s a lot more light.

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I am sure that there will be one or three batteries to help you at world. That is the one thing about FRC…if we have it to loan…we do!

Best of luck.


I’m at the pit waiting for the battery to arrive.

What time can you come?
(I have also emailed you, but you have yet to respond, so I am contacting you here.)