'Wounded vets ditch wheelchairs for Segways'


Go segways :slight_smile:

I wonder if the I-Bot would work for this. I also wonder what the cost comparison would be. I have an idea about Segways but none about the I-Bot…

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I-Bots cost more than Segways, by a factor of more than two. I’m not involved in the manufacture of either, but did have an opporunity for some detailed study a few years ago. The higher cost of the I-Bot is due mostly to its stair-climbing feature, and its status as a medical device per FDA rules. The I-Bot is also quite a bit heavier than a Segway.

I’ve operated both. I’m not disabled, nor an expert on the needs of disabled people; however, if I were disabled and still able to stand comfortably, I think I’d prefer a Segway to an I-Bot.

3 actually.