WOW,3,000,000:1 gear reduction ratio in less than 1 mm^2

This is an old article that I found on today. I thought it’s cool.
3,000,000:1 gear reduction ratio in less than 1 mm^2, imagine putting that on a robot, that will save weight and gain super power :slight_smile:

MEMS (micro electro mechanal systems)are awsome one of my teachers is involved in some research and showed us some of the micro motors and stuff, it is simply amazing that they can make a motor that you can;t see with your naked eye

That is sweet, but I doubt you would be able to keep the robot under the price limit with just one of those.

i wonder what DP those gears are…

did anyone else notice the article at the bottom of the page about the “LENS” process? sounds pretty interesting.