Wow time files...

It’s been approximately a year since we moved over to vBulletin. I hope everyone has enjoyed the move. I know alot of you weren’t around for the old forums. I think it was a very wise decision to move over to vBulletin. I know it has made my job as webmaster easier [and funner].

So… in the past year:
Registered Members: 1,833
Threads: 4,290
Posts: 38,724
Views: 1,058,683

Thats pretty impressive… and if all goes as it has the past 6 years, those numbers will continue to grow faster than ever.

Previous years stats:
2001: 11526 Posts
2000: 7477 Posts
1999: 2805 Posts

So, to answer a few questions that are bound to pop up:

Q: Isn’t this supposed to happen May 28th?
A: Yes, but I got anxious.

Q: When’s the real forums Birthday?
A: The earliest post we have online is 2/24/99 8:06 PM MST. Others were taken offline a while ago due to insufficient space online.

Q: Will you be moving all posts to an archive?
A: No.

Q: Will you be erasing all the posts?
A: No.

Q: Will you be archiving previous years forums into this new system?
A: Yes, we are in the process. We took a little break half way through 1999 and kind of forgot to stop breaking :slight_smile:

yes brandon, i’m sorry. i’ll get back to that archiving soon!!