Hmmm i was just wondering who out there plays World of Warcraft? I know some people have to. If you ever want to hop on the Uldum server and roll horde me and my brother have a guild and always like new people. or if you just wanna talk thats fine too.

Yeah… I’m back to playing WoW again, but haven’t bothered leveling any of my 60’s on Uther yet. I’ve mostly been PvPing and leveling other alts up towards 60.

Baroquen, 60 Dwarf Pally
Baroqueene, 60 NE Hunter
Barro, 60 Human Warrior
Zinedine, 60 Dwarf Rogue
Zinnie, 59 Gnome Warlock
Lubomir, 47 Gnome Mage
Bar, 43 NE Druid
Zinny, 42 Dwarf Priest
Zineroquen, 30 Draenei Shaman

Heh, I’m currently back on WoW. I hop between it and Guild Wars whenever I start getting bored of one of them. :o I haven’t actually hit 60 yet, forget about 70, hehe. I have a 53 dwarf pally on Thunderlord, and an army of 12-25 level characters spread out on multiple different servers. Right now, i’m levelling a Belf rogue on Blackwing Lair, just hanging out with some friends from school. She’s 19 so far, and it looks like she’ll be my new main (i’m addicted to ambush :smiley: )

Yeah man you gotta go sub spec and get more damage out of ambush and thats ftw

Yeah, my Rogue is 44 points Subtlety and it’s amazing for PvP. Premedetation, Shadowstep, Ambush (~75% and ~115% with Remorselessness Crit = 1900-2600, non-Crit = 1000-1300), Eviscerate, dead caster, vanish / stealth, repeat.