WPI FIRST Scholarships - Now Open

Since 1996, WPI has been offering full tuition scholarships to members of the FIRST community. As this is a year of uncertainty, I wanted to let folks know that these scholarships are continuing and anyone on an FRC/FTC teams that participated in Infinite Recharge v1/v2 or Ultimate Goal/Skystone are eligible.

Two full-tuition scholarships are available:

  • WPI FIRST Design Innovation Scholarship. In addition to the full scholarship, three runners-up will receive $20,000 scholarships. Submissions must be a video or presentation focusing on the design innovations of your team’s robot (for 2021 applications this can be a 2020 or 2021 season robot) and also touch on team spirit, sportsmanship, or teamwork.

  • WPI FIRST Allaire Scholarship. Submissions must be an essay focusing on leadership and its impact and the role of science and technology in society. This scholarship is intended to be awarded to a student who identifies as part of traditionally underrepresented group in STEM.

We would LOVE to be overwhelmed with submissions this year! It is always fun and inspiring to see the amazing submissions of the FIRST community, but it will be an especially uplifting experience given all that is going on this year.

To apply, you must first apply to WPI through Common App no later than Feb 15! The deadline for scholarship submission is March 8th.

Specifics about the scholarship, eligibility, and application process can be found here: WPI FIRST Scholarships | WPI Merit Scholarships | Scholarships & Grants | Types of Aid | Tuition & Financial Aid | Admissions | WPI

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them to the best of my ability or direct you to someone who can.


I know this post didn’t get much traction here before, but given the deadline is March 8th, I want to encourage anyone who was considering applying to just do it! The number of submissions we’ve seen so far this year is way down. Normally we’d have 80-100 applications by this time, and we have maybe 1/10th of that right now.

Your chances of winning a full scholarship have literally never been better since we started awarding them to FIRST students 20+ years ago!

Remember, it doesn’t matter if your team registered this season or not, we will accept submissions from any FRC/FTC student from an active team last season or this season.


When on March 8th is the deadline? Is it midnight that morning? 11:59 that night? and is that EST or another timezone? Also, do our mentor recommendations need to be in before we submit, or do they just have to be added to give in their recommendations? Thanks!

I believe the deadline is end of day (11:59) eastern but trying to get a confirmed answer for you.

You can submit/upload your entry without the letter, but the letter will need to get uploaded before the deadline also, so stay on top of your mentor to get it written! Having something from the mentor is more important than it’s quality (we can’t review ones without a letter, but on complete applications the weight of the decision comes from the individual’s submission not the letter).


Can the letter be from an individual involved with the team in a mentorship capacity who isn’t the FIRST LM1/2?


I confirmed it’s 11:59PM in the submitter’s local time zone!

If you have challenges submitting (i.e. the portal closes before 11:59PM in your local time), email admissions ASAP with the documents you weren’t able to upload and they will add them to your submission.

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