WPI Library Documentation -- Local Copy?

I really miss having the WPI library documentation on the local machine this year. When your programming laptop is connected to the robot for debugging, it doesn’t have internet access to get online documentation.

Has anyone generated (or can explain how to generate) a standalone 2015 WPILib.chm file yet?

WPILib team (if you’re listening), please make this a priority for the next update. Pretty please?

Second the motion:]

OK I downloaded doxygen and MS HTML Help Workshop and generated a file myself. Pointed it at the include directory and voila (see attached file).

It’s a bit of a mess since I’ve never worked with doxygen before (lots of extra structures that were in the include files but are not meant for direct use by the programmer); but it’s a start.

Does anyone have a decent doxyfile that will cut down on the output?

2015_WPILib.zip (4.44 MB)

2015_WPILib.zip (4.44 MB)

The doxy file that WPI uses is here: https://usfirst.collab.net/gerrit/gitweb?p=allwpilib.git;a=blob;f=jenkins/docs/cpp.doxy;h=604e2933422d32d59705aa5f7c8b0ddb25aada23;hb=HEAD

Much better. There were a couple of excludes in there that cleaned things up nicely. Here’s the updated file everyone. Enjoy (I am).

I didn’t know WPILib moved to CollabNet (from FIRSTForge). I was going to complain about the source not being available next :smiley: .

2015_WPILib.zip (1.68 MB)

2015_WPILib.zip (1.68 MB)

The documentation is already on your computer. It’s in $HOME/wpilib/java/current/javadoc/index.html.

That’s for java…

Thanks. Don’t forget to let everyone know that MS Windows blocks CHM help files from unknown sources. Click the file properties and click the Unblock button to get the content to display.

Doesn’t matter. It’s the same library, but with camel case method names.

Even if the API was 100% identical (which I’m not sure it is) my point was that if you don’t install the Java plugin, because you’re not programming in Java, you won’t have that folder at all.

I know this is an old thread, but I just downloaded both versions of 2015_WPILib.zip and although I can open the 2015_WPILib.chm file and see the list of topics, I cannot get any of the topics to display. Does anyone have any idea why this might be?