WPI Library incompatibility

We have Java code which was working with the 2018 alpha version of VS Code and WPI libraries prior to kickoff. After upgrading my development environment to the official 2019 software, I get the following error (warning?) when I open the folder with the software:

“This project is not compatible with this version of the extension. Please create a new project.” The warning is referring to the WPI Lib extension.

So, does anyone know how to fix this? The code builds and deploys but I’d like to get rid of this message.

You can’t take a project directly from the alpha to the 2019 season release. You need to create a new project and copy your code in, as directed by that warning.

We are also having this issue and was not part of the Alpha release.

Any ideas?

Are you getting that error after following the instructions on screensteps to install the offline installer and create a project from a template within vscode? More information on the steps you followed and the exact error you are getting is needed.

Hello, we followed all the steps on the screensteps. I think we created the project from a template, but that would have been in the beginning of January so I don’t remember.