WPI Library RobotDrive::HolonomicDrive

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places, but the attached screenshots are the only documentation I could find for RobotDrive::HolonomicDrive in the C++ WPI library. Is there more detailed documentation available elsewhere?

My specific questions are:

  1. magnitude. what are the units, and the range? or is this a unitless -1 to +1 input ?

  2. direction. Is this expected to be in degrees or radians? Where is zero, and is it CW or CCW?

  3. rotation. Is this positive CW or positive CCW? What are the units? rpm, degrees per second, radians per second? Or is it unitless -1 to +1 ?

And a 4th question:

  1. Is there someplace to download (I do not have the DVD) the library source code for inspection purposes only? i.e., without an installer.

Thank you.


Looking at the Source, Magnitude and Rotation are -1.00 … 1.00 values. It doesn’t give a unit for direction, although looking at the code it seems to be in degrees.

The source is included in a zip in the update, I have uploaded it here if you don’t want to run the updater.

[edit]Updated url to point to latest version

Latest versions also available on FIRST Forge (requires registration - free), http://firstforge.wpi.edu/sf/projects/wpilib

Just like to point out that the code on source forge right now is not up-to-date, and won’t always be up-to-date.

You uploaded revision 2222’s code.
The update for this year’s 2242.

answers so far underlined. still seeking answers to items in red:

  1. magnitude. -1 to +1 unitless ?

2a) direction units. degrees ?

2b) direction range (ie 0…360 or +/-180 etc) ?

2c) direction: where is zero ?

2d) direction: CW or CCW?

3a) rotation rate range. -1 to +1 unitless ?

3b) rotation rate: positive CW or CCW?