WPI Library Third Party Libraries Not Found on RoboRIO


We’re running into an odd issue. We’ve added a third party library following the instruction in the documentation (copied the JARs to the user/wpilib/etc… folder), but they don’t appear to be copying over to the RoboRIO on deploy. Specifically, the build acknowledge the JARs when building (it both copies the JARs to the output folder, and the build is successful), but when we try running the robot a NoClassDefFound error is thrown in DriverStation.

Library trying to use: apache.commons.configuration, apache.commons.beanutils, apache.commons.lang, apache.commons.log

Error thrown is a NoClassDefFound for apache.commons.configuration2.beanutils.BeanHelper when trying to create the XML config object.

Any ideas as to why it can’t find the JARs on the RoboRIO?

The JRE in the roborio uses an embedded profile that does not support Beans. See here for more explanation of embedded profiles. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/embedded/resources/tech/compact-profiles-overview-2157132.html

That explains it! Thank for the help :grin: