WPI Overnighter's...

i was just interested in which teams are staying overnight and where at!?! i figured a lot of the teams are staying on campus… Our team was unlucky and had to settel with the Days Inn =(… but will still be there in spirit =P

A few kids from RAGE are staying over, and some other adults are camping out in a parking lot behind something. I currerntly do not know WHERE we are staying, but that info just may not have been relayed to me as of now.

There going to be a 121 Bowling Night at Battlecry? I know of a few good alleys :smiley:

I doubt it. It seems that I am the only URI student going up on Friday. But I wouldn’t mind a game of bowling

Anyone up for bowling/hanging out on saturday night?

I’m sure we can find some fun stuff to do…


You can count marc p and myself in this time, and tom, maybe we can find another bus load of prom people while your segging around…

Ohhh boy…picture this…

Rematch of the century, 121 Bowling Crew vs. Grady, Schindler, and two players to be named later ::cough cough Aidan we need you cough::. Saturday evening after Battlecry. I’m still bitter after CT, its time for redemption!

I’ll be there Grady… I’m up for a rematch too… That is, if my stupid shoulder feels better by then. (I hope it does)

heck yea, ill be there…lemme know whats going on an ill be there…as a ref gloats

I’ll be staying over Friday night, but that’s cause I live in Worcester :slight_smile:

But hey, for everyone staying over Friday night, amongst other activities, the bowling alley on campus will be open and free for people to go play in. They just re-did it like 2 years ago and it’s pretty nice…

And for those interested in an active time Friday night, Team 190 will be playing CRUD in the campus center and teaching anyone on other teams who want to learn… it’s our official team sport :stuck_out_tongue:

And for those who want to bowl more on Saturday night, there are lots of decent alleys in and around Woo.

I shall bowl, or something. I’ll be there saturday and into the night if necessary. I’ll just be walking around and watching the comp right now.

Whats everyone’s bowling average? I want to know if I can keep up with the big boys.

I wish we could stay over… Lack of funds aren’t helping right now… :0( but atleast we are going to be there for saturday!!!

I’ll be coming up early saturday morning, I’m up for hanging out around Worchester, Bowling sounds fun :slight_smile:


Twenty-six members of RAGE (adults and students) will be spending the night with others coming and going on Friday and Saturday. Should be lots of fun.

131 will be staying at a hotel for the night… I’ll post what hotel later. But if you want to come say “hi” don’t hesitate.

For those that are curious as to what the rules of CRUD are they can be found on the BattleCry site at http://www.wpi.edu/News/Events/BattleCry/crud.html

No “h” dude… It’s not like the sauce, it’s like… umm… Wooster (but not like Rooster) or even better, Wusstah.

I think… lol:yikes:

Correction… Team1071 cancelled WPI :mad: Not enough adult chaperones…

Team 131 will be staying at the Courtyard Marriott… who ells is staying there.

They are suppose to have free internet… if its not wireless we are going to setup a wireless LAN so bring your laptops and PDAs