WPI Regional

Hello from Team 23!

Congrats to all the teams, especially the winning alliance. It was a long weekend with a steep learning curve. We met some awesome people with
stellar bots, had our ups and of course, our downs.

Well, our first horror story…
Immediately upon arrival to WPI from the hotel on Thursday, I found the coding laptop I had used just hours before to be dead. True and dead. Thanks to the help of Greg McKaskle (NI Rep) and Alex (Mentor for team 190), and a saved version of our code, we were able to compete, and compete well!

We were shooting accurate during all of practice and most of Friday’s qualifications, but we noticed that some balls were doing little more than flopping out of the cannon. We thought it was anything and everything from battery voltage to joysticks…It ended up being wear and tear on some balls. In the Suffield Shakedown, balls were replaced at the first sign of wear. At WPI, the same balls were reused over and over again.
As the balls wore, the seal they created was weaker and weaker, reducing our working output volume of air greatly. This led us to change our strategy from shooting to balancing.

It was a long and hard weekend. Now I’m going to bed, but I want to hear about your experience at WPI!

Team 3182 competed our first elimination matches (alliance captain #4!!). We also tripled our wins from 2 events last year in just one this year. This is probably a good indication of our improvement which is immeasurable.

I just wanted to say that the volunteers were amazing at the event, very helpful and nice. I felt like everyone was rooting for us :slight_smile: I am also very impressed since the schedule was actually running a bit EARLY…which is strange since most regionals usually run about a half hour or more late.

Great job to everyone who played today!

The WPI regional was a lot of fun this year. All of the volunteers, referees and judges were really helpful. The bridge was the most important feature during the regional, especially in elims. Team 1884 The Griffins had there best year yet, making the finals with 228, Gus, and 549, The Devil Dawgs. Congratulations to teams 2067, 3205 and 190 for winning, and to all other teams for their great awards and robots. Hopefully I will be coming back next year.

The volunteers were great. Nothing could’ve been done without them!

You guys did extremely well! Can’t believe you came all this way to compete. Hope to see you guys again next year!

Team 558 had a great time at the WPI regional! One of our students, who will be attending WPI next year, got the $10,000 scholarship, we were able to get our pneumatic shooter (aka the lampshade of doom) working well in autonomous and teleop modes, and our driver, who is a freshman, gained some valuable experience. Our human player managed to score not one but TWO three point shots, one in practice and one in the elmination round. We are looking forward to CT in two weeks, when we will have our bridge deflector on and our optical sensors fully operational.

Special thanks to team 23 for picking us! It was a pleasure playing with you and 1687. We put up a good fight against the number two alliance and eventual winner.

And extra special congrats to our scouting partners and winners, Apple Pi, team 2067!!! You guys were amazing to scout with, and fun to play with and against. We can’t wait to work with you again in CT!!

First off, A HUGE thank yo to all the volunteers, referees, judges and WPI staff for an outstanding event. Colleen–you did a great job. Again.

Second-thank you to all who sent their best wishes and congratulations to Rosie this weekend. We had a team record setting regional, Engineering Excellence award, Woodie Flowers (Jay Cameron, a first for Rosie, we never had a WFFA before), UL Safety and our 2nd Chairman’s…I’m still in shock! Oh, and the robot did pretty well as well, into the semi finals.

Now, to my question…does anyone have video of our Chairman’s presentation? I would really appreciate it.

Wow…on to St Louis!

Another great WPI regional! Hats off to all of the volunteers this year! With an outstanding turn around time between matches, leaving the arena before it was dark was weird!

Also I’d like to congratulate Rosie on winning Chairman’s. Also 190, 2067, and 3205 for taking the win! It was a privileged to face off against you guys in the finals!

Hartford here we come! Hope to see you there!


Congrats to 2067, 3205, and 190! Also, big shout out to GUS (228) and their alliance partners (1884 and 549) for putting up quite the fight there. GUS in particular deserves the extra recognition for creating a robot that is just incredible to watch.

My team (195) has been practicing and talking quite a bit with both Apple Pi (2067) and GUS (228), so it was great (if a little painful) to see both face off in the finals! We like to think we might have had something to do with it :smiley: Either way, it was great to see both teams compete so successfully and to see Apple Pi get their first regional win.

A few of us were down there on Saturday watching everything unfold. Those eliminations had some crazy, crazy matches. A shame we weren’t able to come with a robot this year! Hartford will have to do, heh.

Oh, and I wanna give a shout-out to the guys who did the lighting and sound at the event - I absolutely loved how the field turned blue or red during the eliminations! I know that WPI’s own student-operated production company does it, and as always they did an absolutely fantastic job.

Congrats to the winning alliance 2067, 3205, 190!

I would like to give a shout out to our 8th seeded Alliance lead by 348, partnered with 230 (us) and 467, who handily picked off the #1 Alliance (1100, 177, and 246) in 2 straight matches. Many thought it couldn’t be done, but these teams worked together to make it happen with excellent defense as well as scoring and balancing. Also, congrats to 228 and their alliance (1884 and 549) for reaching the finals, we were sad to see you miss that win.

Looking forward to a great competition in CT in week 5! See you there!

First of all, thank you to all the volunteers, judges, referees, and teams at this year’s WPI regional! We had a bit of a rough time (our flight was delayed and then cancelled) getting to Boston from London, which Logan Airport tells us is 3280 miles away - shout out to Team 3280! - but it was more than worth it.

Congratulations to Apple Pi (2067), the Patriots (3205), and Gompei and the H.E.R.D. (190)!
Also, congratulations to Rosie Robotics (839) for winning the regional Chairman’s Award.
I’d also like to thank GUS (228), our excellent alliance captain, and the DevilDawgs (549). We put up a great fight in the finals!
Good luck to 228 and 549 in CT!

Hope to see you all next year!

Lisa :slight_smile:

We are so excited that teams had a great time at the WPI Regional!

Outside of a few people, our entire event is run by volunteers (from crowd control, to referees, to even our A/V) and we are glad teams had positive experiences with them. We give everyone working our event one piece of our advice… “it’s about the teams; keep them happy and treat them with the respect they deserve!”

It was amazing to see the robots work so well together, especially balancing the co-op bridge throughout qualifications. We look forward to seeing teams at BattleCry@WPI 13 (www.wpi.edu/+bc) and at the event next year (when we expand to the new Sports & Rec Center).

Congrats to all the teams that made it to the event, got a robot out on the field, and played their hearts out. It’s no small feat and we are happy to have shared those great moments with you!

On a side note: We have the recording from the webcast and hope to work on splicing it up and getting it on the web as soon as we can. We know this footage can be very valuable for teams meeting with sponsors, schools, etc.

Once again thanks everyone for a great time at the WPI regional and i look forward to seeing some of you at the CT regional as well. On a side note if anyone has any video footage that they would like to share from the WPI regional please message me. Specifically if anyone has footage from when our team member won the WPI regional scholarship. We are putting a video together for him and the footage i have is shaky from clapping.


That was my First FIRST event ever and i had a great time, thanks to all of the officials and volunteers who made this fantastic event possible and congrats to the champions on the #2 seed. And a very big thanks to team 23 and 558 for picking my team (1687) on the #7 seed both of your teams were great to work with and i think we did really well against the eventual champions (lost by 1 point then a win then loss) i think we may have been the hardest alliance for them to beat! i also think that my team did better this year than any recent year in the past (first time in the elimination matches in quite a while) thanks to our new mentor Mr. Farrico, Mr. Merro (that may be spelled wrong) and Joe Gallagher. without them i doubt this season would be possible. also Joe made a promise to wear a kilt if we were picked for alliance selection, thanks again teams 23 and 558!

(i was the Driver of 1687)

SEE YOU AT BATTLE CRY!!!(where Joe may be wearing a kilt!)

This is my 2nd time attending the WPI regional and my team and I had plenty of fun. I’m not in charge of our robot, but we were all hoping our huge robot would work well, and it did! We consistently shot 2 pointers and we managed to balance on the bridges! :slight_smile: Even though we lasted in the semi-finals, the highlight of our trip would be captain of the 8th seed alliance and working with Team 467 and Team 230 to defeat the #1 seed alliance!

This was my second event, and for many of our members, their first. I must say that the event turned out great, and I would like to thank team 190 and team 2067 for a great alliance. I saw a lot of great robots, and I would also like to thank team 228, 1884, and 549 for some great final matches. I hope to see you all at st. louis, and at WPI next year.
(BTW, Apple Pie had the best dancing apple ever)