WPI Summer Robotics Program

What a season! Congratulations to all you FIRST Frenzy survivors. If the season just whetted your appetite for even more learning and messing around with robots, you may want to consider attending the Frontiers Robotics Course at WPI.

This will be the 3rd year we have conducted this 2-week residence course on campus at WPI. As usual we will be conducting seminars and lab sessions on such topics as DC Motors, Materials, Pneumatics, Power Transmission, Mechanisms, Controls, Programming, and Machining. New this year will be an increased emphasis on Sensors (e.g. ultrasonic, infrared, advanced yaw devices, artificial vision) and Autonomous Operations–if you wondered how 190 did the autonomous hang, here’s where you find out!

While we have increased the class size to 40, the time to apply is running short! For further info: http://www.admissions.wpi.edu/Frontiers/study.html or just send me an e-mail.

Best of luck to all on the post-season circuit!

Ken Stafford, Course Director
Brad Miller, Instructor
Colleen Shaver, Teaching Assistant

Hey I was wondering if it was too late to register for the Frontiers program? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the program, and am interested in attending the upcoming session. Thanks a lot.

I can’t speak for Ken, but I have heard that the deadline for the the Robotics course has been extended. You should probably contact him (he’s still at WPI during the day).

Take care of our team member, David Litwak, who’s attending!

Not too late! The registration has been extended to 31 May. I’m not sure how many spots are still open–we had 8 applications come in yesterday alone. As a one year vet to FIRST you are in a great position to learn from this course. The new emphasis on sensor integration and autonomous ops should be quite useful in FIRST 2005 given the last years’ trends…


is it open only to high school or anyone?

The Frontiers program is offered only to those entering their junior or senior years in high school. It’s designed to be an on-campus research and learning opportunity for students that gives them a taste of what college life is like while exploring areas in science and technology.

For more info, you can visit the website or contact Ken Stafford through the posts above.

I just got the acceptance letter into the program… :yikes: and i was wondering what other Chief-Delphi FIRST-ers will be going

I’m going :)… Anyone else?