wpi_talonSRX vs talon_SRX

Which one to use?!
wpi_talonSRX vs talon_SRX

Depends on what you want to do with them?

Have you read the difference in the documentation about what each of them are?

Nop, I have not. Could you direct me?

Sorry, didn’t mean to post without the link first:

So in short,

The first three are wrappers for the Talon FX/SRX and Victor SPX, that provide:

  • LiveWindow support
  • Motor Safety features
  • Compatibility with DriveTrain classes

All six classes also provide support for the WPILib simulation GUI.

The big one for us was that you cannot set up a motorcontroller group or drivetrain with the regular talon. So, we are using wpi_talonfx (I think the SRX has the same limitation) for our drivetrain especially.

Awesome!! It is clear now.
Thank you all…

If you don’t know why you wouldn’t want to have the WPI classes, you should use the WPI classes, and use the WPI differentialdrive (or whatever your chassis is) methods.

Team decided to go mecanum this year…
We are using the WPI library, but the question came up about the CTRE libraries.
We still have issues controlling the talons. We updated them and changed their id number. They “blink” from the CTRE application.
We just cannot control them with any of the libraries. To test the process, we are using the example program for mecanum and we changed the controllers to wpi_talonSRX. The LED of the talons stay red…
At home atm, but we are running out of ideas. I need to go back to the Roborio and check if it was correctly updated.

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