WPI Vision Example - Java and the Kangaroo...

Hello all again.
Time once more for asking another silly question.

We are following the WPI screensteps for Off Board Vision and are running into issues. https://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/4485/m/24194/l/687863-off-board-vision-processing-in-java

We have completed the “select operating system” (Windows)
And the “select camera” (HTTP) steps

We get to the point of “To build the project, run the command ./gradlew build” and it runs but it apparently is looking for data files from the internet and cannot get access to them. Is there a way to manually install these files at the school instead of dragging the practice robot to McDonalds for McDoubles and free wifi?

Unfortunately we blew away a night messing with it and getting error messages.

**Network Camera - Axis M1011
Off Board Processor - Kangaroo
OS - Windows 10

You can build on a machine that isn’t the target machine, then simply copy the binaries with a thumbdrive/scp/rsync/butterflies.

NB: for C++ you’ll need the necessary toolchain installed, eg visual c++ for windows. But since you’re using java the build should just work by itself.

so take just a laptop to MickyD’s and run GradleW ?

Yes, Gradle does download dependent packages from the Internet. And I think it re-checks periodically, so you’ll have to wander by McDonalds more than once.

Find a mentor with a Smart phone that will do a hot spot and a data plan. That’s how we overcame our school district’s man-in-the-middle attack.

Yeah, here is where the excuses get even more pitiful…
The school is a black hole for cell phones. Sometimes text messages get through but no cell or data coverage. We have even had robot connection issues where the robot would not connect via wifi until we took it outside of the building. We now have long network cables everywhere.
Feels like internet jail sometimes.

If all the dependencies are up-to-date, you can add the --offline flag to avoid this. You just need to be careful about adding or removing libraries from the project dependencies.

./gradlew build --offline

We will be utilizing that TONIGHT!!!

Exactly. No need to bring the whole robot :slight_smile:

(side note: consider requesting internet access from your school IT if this is a persistent issue)

request it, had it, got hacked, lost it, and now no special internet access.

Told ya had pitiful excuses… :eek: