WPILib 2016

I noticed that the WPILib control system documentation for 2016 is available here. (I am surprised that this available considering it was released last year just minutes before kickoff.) It appears that most of the pages have been updated to include information about control system changes this year, and tutorials have been updated for installing the 2016 FRC Update (Although the download links are for 2015). It also appears many other tutorials have been updated and improved.

Here, you can read about the changes in 2016.

Here, you can read about this cool new thing called GRIP, used for graphical image processing.

Rumor Mill: Notice the 2009 and 2014 vision examples.

Is the 2016 update suite available anywhere yet? I haven’t been able to find it.

I doubt it. It does not get released until kickoff.

It will not be released until kickoff. However, the WPILib source code is publicly available if you want to look through the changes (or use our mirror). There are other resources available in various places too, you just have to look for them.

I noticed this too. GRIP is looking pretty cool, I hope it works well. I would guess there is some serious vision tracking component to this year’s game. Or not. Who knows…

I would doubt it. Last year, the same kind of tutorial existed for RoboRealm, which all teams were given for free.

Any idea how to get at these? http://first.wpi.edu/FRC/roborio/toolchains/

oooh I hope GRIP works as well as it looks cool. Seems like it might finally be “easy” for teams to get into using OPENCV.

I’ve been waiting for a game that needed, and I mean REALLY needed vision processing since 2012, so let us dream!

The new SRX updates look sweet. I assume the updated documentation will be released around kickoff?

The new SRX updates look sweet. I assume the updated documentation will be released around kickoff?

Yeah… I’m still working on them. I plan on having them up a bit before kickoff actually. HERO Guide is up. Doc updates for SRX are next. Motion Profile will likely be a separate doc.

They just released the FRC 2016 Update Suite HERE.

Looks like the zip is encrypted :confused: