WPILib 4.1 Documentation

There are two different sources of documentation that I know of: ScreenSteps and ReadTheDocs. None of them cover WPILib 4.1; ScreenSteps is still on 3.1 and ReadTheDocs just doesn’t work. Does anyone know where the 4.1 documentation is?

Check out this thread:

There’s not really any special documentation for 4.1 vs 3.1. 4.1 was a relatively minor update that did not change the installation procedure (changelog).

When you say “ReadTheDocs just doesn’t work” what is the issue you’re having? It’s going to be the default for 2020, so we want to know if there’s something that needs fixing.


The command-based stuff there does not work. Namely, there’s no experimental package.

The one Gus pointed out to has documentation for the new command-based coming next year. However, it also includes the soon to be deprecated version. Make sure you see that.


The readthedocs site is the newer site, and is being actively updated for the beta/2020, so if you’re using the current WPILIB (2019.4.1) you want to use ScreenStepsLive. As stated above, WPILIB 2019.3.2 to WPILIB 2019.4.1 was a very minor update that was mostly fixing background issues, and not modifying any of the top level APIs.

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The bullet from Team Update 15 read:

  • Control System: An optional WPILib update 2019.4.1 has been released. This update addresses a SPI bug that inhibited communication with the Analog Devices ADIS16470. A full changelog and download links can be found on the WPILib Github.
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