WPILib API Documentation Search Fails

I’m not sure where to report this so I’ll start here. When I try to search the WPILIB API I get a 404, Not Found, error. There is an “undefined/” in the middle of the path. If I manually edit the URL removing the “undefined/” it works. I have the same problem whether using the online or offline documentation. Does anyone else have this problem?


It’s in process of getting fixed, should be updated soon.


All fixed!

Thank you for fixing this, now I have a couple of questions. First, where is the best place to report issues such as this? And second, is there a way to get the offline files without waiting for a WPILib update? My internet access at home can be somewhat sketchy so I like having offline access.

The best place to report any issue with WPILIb is on our GitHub. You don’t really need to worry about getting the repository correct because we will move it to the correct one. However, this issue is an issue with allwpilib so that is where we would move the issue to.

You can find the current “development” version of the documentation at the following link. You can use this until we release our first update.


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