WPILib API seems to be down

Both the Java and C++ API Docs seem to be down. Is it only for me?

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I am seeing the same thing. I guess the server is down. @Peter_Johnson are you also seeing this?

I’m also experiencing the same thing, been down since around 12pm for me.

We’re aware of the issue and will have an update when it is available again.


Thank you! :blush:

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It appears to be fixed now.

Java still appears to be down. C++ looks good.

For me both look down.

Java is running for me

Both appear up for me.

Never mind, both look up for me too now. My browser probably saved a cached version of the pages.

The API documents are also installed locally when you use the wpilib installer.

Java is down for me again… Anyone else experiencing this?

Was it working and then stopped working? It’s up for me. Clear your cache?

It was fixed after clearing the cache. Thanks!

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