WPILib AxisCamera Problems

We have recently been experiencing problems with our camera. We are using the following code in order to initialize the camera and get an image. Our problem has been that the after we upload this code, the next upload takes an extremely long time to upload. We have determined that this problem is due to the marked line. We don’t know why this is happening. We were wondering if any other teams had been experiencing this or know why this is occurring.

AxisCamera &c = AxisCamera::GetInstance();
ColorImage ci(IMAQ_IMAGE_RGB);
c.GetImage(&ci); // This line causes the slowness.

Thanks for your help.

Is your camera connected to Ethernet port 2 of the cRIO? They have changed it this year. You should connect it to the Wireless router and configure the camera to 10.te.am.11 and you need to do the following in code:

AxisCamera &c = AxisCamera::GetInstance("10.te.am.11");