WPILIB Beta Testing Feedback

I decided to beta test out the WPILIB. The only problem so far is that I haven’t found any way to report feedback. Does anyone have insights?

My feedback so far(testing out Java):
Here’s a deploy, run log for old code; the code does run, but does give out some errors about NetworkTables. A new project gives out the same errors.(these errors do not seem to directly impact program itself).

I think what you are looking for is FIRSTFORGE.

Greg McKaskle

That error message suggests that there’s a program running on the network trying to establish a TCP connection to the robot on the NetworkTables server port, but it isn’t sending information in the expected format. Are you using an old copy of SmartDashboard?

I could’ve sworn that website went out of date with the new screenstepslive website but apparently not. The latter website is only for documentation. Thanks.

That was indeed the problem. Thank you good sir for pointing me in the right direction.