[WPILib Blog] 2021-03-18 Notes

Good news everyone!

WPILib has decided to post it’s weekly meeting notes to give the community insight on our interesting, exciting, amazing development process! Blogs are posted on Development Blog — WPILib

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all content is tentative and subject to change. We are all volunteers after all :slight_smile:


    Some docs updates
    MecanumDriveKinematics is broken
        Off by factor of sqrt 2
        We tested diff drive and swerve irl, but not mecanum
        OK to fix during season
        ACTION(Tyler): PR with fix and updated tests


    Actions Security Alert
    Updated wpi-frcmaven from 6.7 to 7.16
    wpi-frcmaven backup now up to date
        Look into automating this
        ACTION(Austin): See if we can use a weekly cron job to pull from the cloud and push to the backup
    More discussion about Gradle plugin cache. Need to limit to just plugins we use/need.


    New articles
        Advanced Gradle
        Device simulation


    More work on new GradleRIO version
        VSCode will get more options to support debug/release mode
        Some discussion about deploy directory
        Fix for simulation not grabbing deploy stuff

Pi Image

    Another release soon
    Add PiGPIO library before release


    Fix for out-of-sync onboard LEDs
    Working on faster gyro reads


    Field2D in progress. Changing some of the implementation to be more robot centric and storing paths. Also now storing Pose2D vs just storing doubles.
    Bug fix for NT view. It would crash on windows if you had a long array of doubles.


    Have PR to make the time-domain simulated plots async but need to reproduce ImPlot bug with minimal test case
    Need to work on better error handling for individual parts of analysis
    How do we want to deal with CI's horrible OS scheduling breaking macOS integration tests on #65?
        ACTION(Tyler): Increase tolerance for feedforward gains on mac integration test




    URGENT: Need to fix integer division fix and release
    Add a slider to trim dynamic test data to remove areas where acceleration = 0
        Maybe autodetect with option for override


    Still waiting on PR to be merged for release.


    Pathweaver trajectory loading in Java. JNI or something else?
        JNI is going to be the best option
        Can catch exceptions in C++ to provide good feedback to users
        Where should this live… wpimath. Scope of the problem is very small we should scope the solution too; not building an entire JSON library.


    Release meeting notes?
        ACTION(Austin): Clean up and release on wpilib.org
    2022 Breaking Changes


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