[WPILib Blog] BAE Systems Mini-bot Challenge #4: Alliance Antics

Posted on the WPILib Blog 5/14/21 BAE Systems Mini-bot Challenge #4: Alliance Antics — WPILib

Alliance Anticsis a tournament in which you join forces with another team to score more points than your opponentwhile bobbing and weaving around obstacles on the field. Each team will be randomly paired with Alliance partners through the tournament, accumulating ranking points toward a playoff.

This is a cooperative challenge based on scoring. Registered New England FRC teams can register for the tournament, which will take place on June 12, 2021 beginning at 9:00 am Eastern. Teams must register by June 1, 2021 at 11:59 PM. Participating teams must have broadband access to Internet, must have a high quality, Internet-connected camera that can see their field, and they must have an audio connection in addition to the camera so they can communicate with their Alliance partner during matches. This can be a smartphone, a tablet, or a camera connected to a computer.

Participating teams must be available for the entirety of the tournament. Teams must also come to a pre-flight meeting in advance of the tournament to ensure proper connection and local camera setup. If selected for playoffs, teams must be available for the playoff period. The duration of the tournament will depend on the number of participating teams. Matches will be simulcast on Twitch.

Alliance Antics roll rules and description can be found here.

ROMI Challenge Grid Edition STL file



We’ve been having a ton of fun and learning a lot participating in the Mini-Bot Challenge. And wow, we’re really impressed with what the other teams have done. (Andromeda One, seriously, where do your drivers come from?)

We’re looking forward to this final challenge. Many thanks to the sponsors and organizers for providing a virtual competition to keep the game alive.

Good luck to all teams!


Best success to all teams today. See you on the mat!

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There have been some questions about a stream. It will be here.

The antics begin at 9 AM EST.

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I cannot thank all of you who helped make the Romi and the BAE/ NEFirst challenges a reality this year. We had such an amazing time. This event was incredible as were the others leading up to it. The scaffolding of skills and challenges will help us (and hopefully other teams as well) for years to come.

It was also so incredible to see so many of the brilliant minds behind the Romi and WPILib at the event today.

6762 are looking forward to see what is next for the Romi and mini-challenges like this.


Is there a spot where all games and rules are archived?

The games and rules are all on the wpilib.org website. Here is the progression. It was an incredible learning experience for us. One cool thing that we did not realize, was that if you do not have a large format printer, you can make the game mats easily on any large piece of paper (or with tape on the floor). Some of the teams competing yesterday did this to great effect.

Team 1153 would also like to extend our thanks to NE FIRST, BAE Systems, and all the sponsors for making this series happen. It was no small feat to coordinate a remote competition like that. We had a very exciting season and picked up a lot of new skills along the way.

Special thanks to our alliance partners on 3182. (Timberwolves and owls… Do I sense a theme?) And hats off to the unstoppable duo of 3623 and 4905 for a well-deserved mini banner! That robot was a thing of beauty… (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you didn’t see the video.)

We hope this will become a regular event.


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