[WPILib Blog] Bienvenue Français!

Posted on the WPILib Blog, 8/4/2020: https://wpilib.org/blog/bienvenue-francais

Today, we are happy to announce the publication of the French translation of the WPILib documentation site. You can view the latest French translation here and at the beginning of the season, just like the English version, the documentation will be marked as stable. This effort could not have happened without the hard work of dedicated volunteers - a huge thank you to Régis Bekale for coordinating the French translation effort and to the many volunteers who reviewed and translated the 162,000 words of documentation in just under 2 months.

Below is a message from Régis thanking the team for the amazing accomplishment:

On behalf of Robotique FIRST® Québec and in my own name, I would like to thank the following individuals for their contribution to the translation of the FIRST® Robotics Competition Documentation website in French:

  • Martin Regimbald (FIRST Regional director)
  • Andre Theberge (FIRST Mentor, Team 296)
  • Andy Chang (FIRST Mentor, Team 3986)
  • Kaitlyn Kenwell (FIRST Volunteer)
  • Félix Giffard (FIRST Mentor, Team 2626)
  • Daniel Renaud (FIRST Mentor, Team 3550)
  • Etienne Beaulac (FIRST Mentor, Team 5528)
  • Youdlain Marcellus (FIRST Mentor, Team 8067)
  • Alexandra Schneider (FIRST Mentor, Team 5553)
  • Sami G. -D. (FIRST Mentor, Team 6929)

I would like to specifically thank Austin Shalit, Brad Miller, Dalton Smith, and the whole WPILib team for giving us the opportunity to contribute to this project and for trusting us with this translation work.
We hope that this project will help French-speaking teams worldwide to join the FIRST® family.

We hope that this is the first of many translations of the WPILib documentation! The Spanish team’s translation is already 50% complete and should be releasing shortly.