[WPILib Blog] WPILib on FIRSTtv – New Simulators

Posted on the WPILib Blog, 12/12/2020: WPILib on FIRSTtv – New Simulators — WPILib

Come join us today, Saturday, December 12, on FIRSTtv at 1pm ET for a live tutorial and demonstration on ways of simulating real robot code written with WPILib. We are going to take a look at a new inexpensive way of getting experience writing robot programs by using a Romi Robot, how to run a robot program with no robot at all by using a virtual simulator, and much more!

For folks that do join us or are reviewing the video later, you might want to try some of the new features yourself. To do this, we have made available a special public beta release of the WPILib Suite. This beta release can be used for trying out the new simulator features but we recommend not updating your robots quite yet. You can find the tools here:

As always, if you have any feedback or you find something that doesn’t look quite right, please let us know on our GitHub page by opening an Issue or creating a Discussion.


Very cool that beta items are being released early. I’m excited to learn more tomorrow, thanks for putting this together and all the work by the WPILib team.


This was such an incredible presentation. A huge thank you to all involved in it as well as those behind all these new developments in WPILib. I had to duck out a smidge early, but I am definitely going to finish it and re-watch a few sections.


This presentation was incredible, and kudos to all who played a part in bringing WPILibPi to life. This is a massive contribution and comes at exactly the right time in history. I’m kind of surprised it isn’t getting a lot more attention.

Thank you to everyone involved!


Was there an ETA of when the first specific sales price/package/whatever for the Romi would be announced?

I am not sure if it has been announced but the webpage and discount code are live here. Pololu says backordered but they shipped mine next day.


I ordered 3 last night with the discount code they are $99 each.

We are working on putting a blog together with example programs and links to get everything. It is just taking a little bit longer than expected. The link @jdaming posted does have the code and link to the hardware kit.


I did notice today that the Java library has pre-made examples and templates in beta4. They all seem to work well. We are so excited for these robots. We got some out to team members today and begin tutorials tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Edit: The tutorials went well. The students are loving these kits.


I received an email from Pololu about the backordered kits I ordered.

“Thank you for your order. Currently, we estimate that we will be ready to ship your backordered Romi robot kits in about 2-3 weeks, though please keep in mind that potential disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic make lead times more uncertain than normal right now. We will try to keep you updated if the lead time changes significantly.”

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The WPILib broadcast does not appear to be available in the Twitch channel. Am I missing something? Can someone post the link?

You can also now find it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/W3hX-cEsVwM


I just received a shipping notice, so hopefully Pololu is shipping more backorders as well.


We have an arm and a Pi and sensors but no robot, so looking forward to it!

Update: I got a shipping notice, too.