[WPILib Blog] WPILib Roadmap

We have heard a lot of great feedback recently and would like to keep increasing the transparency with how we are planning to work on WPILib. A good first step to planning is setting out a list of all of things that are currently competing for our contributors time. From there we have tried to generally convey how we are prioritizing things with this roadmap.

There are many factors that go into each of the items on this roadmap. Ultimately someone has to put in the work to add each one of these features. This takes a blend of: skills required to implement, desire to implement, and priority to implement this feature over other competing features.

This only represents our current understanding of priorities. It can and likely will change in the future. The intent is to provide you with the best knowledge we have of where we are headed and how our guesstimate of roughly how long it will take to get there.

We would love to have your feedback on the roadmap and anything you think we might have missed on the roadmap! Please keep in mind that WPILib is community driven and the most surefire way to see the feature you care about come to life is for you to help work on it. Come talk to us on: Discord, ChiefDelphi, or on our Github.


Links to the feedback thread as well…

Fixed thanks!


I have a Informed RRT* in Kotlin for reference. FRC2022/src/main/kotlin/frc/kyberlib/auto/pathing at master · DurhamAcademy/FRC2022 · GitHub

Support for ROS-like services would be cool if pub/sub is going to be implemented. The roadmap seems exciting!


Nice work on the roadmap, team!


The aarch64 support is exciting!


Where can we keep track of NT4 progress?

The roadmap is much appreciated.


This screams React to me, and is something that’s come up in 2713 internal discussions. I would be interested in helping here.


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Will timedrobot go away at some point?

Given that command-based is built on top of TimedRobot, I highly doubt it.


Is there a reason for it to be replaced? There are some vague plans for an EventRobot as part of the new event-based stuff I’m adding, but even once that’s added TimedRobot will still be an option.


Another concern is that ~>50% of Java/C++ teams still use command based (according to 2019 usage reporting). Not all teams use Command Based and prefer their own paradigm. 254 rolls their own command based like implementation based on preference.

Ah gotcha, that makes sense. And the EventRobot seems really cool! My team has been doing event based controls for years now, and we really like that paradigm.

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I am surprised no one has tried to come up with a grafana dashboard yet.

Everytime I think dashboard in the software business this comes up.

Also in the business we use open telemetry. Not sure if that’s applicable here.

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If you have any insights/comments/reviews or anything you’d like to share, feel free to comment on the tracking issue or the interlinked Issues/PRs/etc. Or ping me here or on Discord.

What would you want to see on it/use it for?


Grafana is built for relatively long-term data (compared to the 2.5 minutes that we use dashboards) so I’m curious to see what a team would do with that.

On another note, a pit dashboard using grafana graphing aggregate log data over the course of an event would be interesting to see.