[WPILib Blog] WPILib Server Maintenance - June 12, 2020

Posted on the WPILib Blog, 6/11/2020: https://wpilib.org/blog/wpilib-server-maintenance-june-12-2020

I hope everyone is staying safe!

As many of you know, WPI created and continues to help design WPILib. Part of WPI’s involvement is the operation of servers that run the development pipeline. As part of a capital project to upgrade the WPI campus electrical services, the electrical substation that powers many of our servers will need to be shut down for approximately 8 hours on Friday, June 12th. During the outage, the hardware test-bench (frcjenkins.wpi.edu) and the Artifactory server (frcmaven.wpi.edu) will be unavailable.

Teams can build their robot code now in order to cache artifacts locally for use during the outage. Teams that have the artifacts cached locally and are having trouble building can build with the --offline flag. In Visual Studio Code, use the WPILib: Change Run Commands Except Deploy/Debug in Offline Mode Setting command to set the flag to yes. If using the command line, you can just add the flag. Be sure to set this setting back to no once the server is back online.

As always, you can view the status of WPILib infrastructure at https://status.wpilib.org.



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