WPILib code without NI RoboRio?

I feel like I’ve seen this before, but can’t find it, because my Googling is weak.

Is there a way to deploy WPILib robot code to something like a RPi for non-competition use? We have some demo bots from previous years that we want to keep operational, but we don’t have that many RoboRios. We also have a street-capable demo bot that we take to parades. It doesn’t really need a full Driver’s station, etc. Running it from a wireless USB gamepad would be fine. We’d really rather not rewrite all of our code to run on a different robotics platform. Is there a way to migrate our code to a non-RoboRio platform like an RPi with a CAN HAT and not use a laptop?

I’m fine if your answer is a lmgtfy link, I just haven’t found what I’m searching for because FRCVision seems to overwhelm all search results. I don’t want an RPi Vision coprocessor for the RoboRio, I want a stand-alone WPILib environment on an RPi.


Generally, no. Wpilib does not provide a HAL for raspberry pi gpio, and can support is dependent on the vendor.

CTRE does have a version of phoenix that runs on raspberry pi, but is seperate and does not use wpilib.

Romi does allow for some functionality, but is fairly limited, and the code does not run on the raspberry pi itself, rather , it runs on the development laptop in a simulation-like environment and communicates over web sockets.

This isn’t getting much better when RR2 is only $85 more to teams but is a board for running off RPi VMX Robotics Controller | Studica Robotics | Studica

I think the HERO boards are another option (non-pi) but we usually have let old robots go dead: HERO Development Board - CTR Electronics


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