WPILib Desktop Simulation error when starting

Hi all,

I have some programmers hanging around while we wait for the new chassis to be finished, and we decided to checkout out the WPILib Desktop Simulation option. We are having some problems and I’m not sure what.

  • I tried running the command in online mode and offline mode.
  • I made sure “Enable Desktop Mode” was set to true.
  • The robot code can build when I use that option and the intellisense can import CTRE classes.

Here is the exception that gets thrown when I start it:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\dev\frc1675-2019\build\tmp\jniExtractDir\CTRE_PhoenixCCI.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

Here’s a text file with the whole command it runs and exception stack:
sim_error.txt (2.8 KB)

I bet we have something configured wrong but not sure what. Thanks for any help anyone has!

EDIT: I am able to get it to start (or at least enter debug mode) without exception if I remove all the stuff that uses CTRE classes. Also I have no idea what to do, I looked around on Screenstepslive but didn’t find anything that explained this feature, are there any guides out there?


“Enable Desktop Mode” should be false. Phoenix does not currently provide sim support.