WPILib.h missing

Hi, our team has changed from LABView to C++ this year and have just started using Wind River - our apologies if the question seems silly. Where is the WPILib.h file located? Apparently it comes with installatiom but we could not find the actual file and cannot compile our code as a result. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Have you installed the WPILib update (from FIRST Forge)? If not, you don’t have the WPILib headers installed

If you have installed that, then how did you create your project? Was it as a new “vxWorks Downloadable Kernel Module Project”, or did you take one of the samples and rename it? If the former, then the project doesn’t have the proper include directories set, and thus can’t find the files.

All of the header files can be found in C:\WindRiver\vxworks-6.3 arget\h\WPILib

Thanks! We found it, but we’re having another problem. How do we udpate our new cRIO for C++? Measurement & Automation is for LABView but we cannot find the C++ equivalent, we changed our prefeences in the FRC Imaging Tool if that helps.

Assuming the cRIO had been set up for Labview before, make sure the imaging tool actually performed the necessary changes on the cRIO. If that’s done, you need to tell Wind River where to find the cRIO, and what image to download. To do that, go to Window->Preferences->FIRST Downloader Preferences. Set your team number, and click browse to select where to find the binary file to download (make sure you’ve already built the project at least once via either Project->Build Project or the shortcut Ctrl-B Ctrl-P). Assuming a default install, the file should be something along the lines of “C:\WindRiver\workspace\MyRobot\PPC603gnu\CommandBasedRobotTemplate\Debug\CommandBasedRobotTemplate.out”. Note that “MyRobot” and “CommandBasedRobotTemplate” may change depending on how your project is named and what template you used. Once that’s been setup, hit OK to close the preferences. Now, whenever you build your project, hit FIRST->Deploy to download it to the cRIO, then reboot to load it.