WPILIB Iinstaller for VScode - 2019

Can’t seem to find a reference in the Screenstepslive documentation. Is there an official release forthcoming so that teams can start working with VScode, or will that not come out till after kickoff?

More specifically, the JDK installer as it’ll require special permissions to install on our student’s notebooks.

That normally gets released after kickoff

As I understand, the bundled JDK will install to an unprivileged folder (specifically an frc2019 folder in the Public folder), not the Program Files folder.

Yeah, that’ll get nuked on the school notebooks for sure. Ugh.

The documentation has been live for a while now. The github repository has been public all throughout development. I’m not on the development team but I believe the below installer should work.

You will still need the NI FRC 2019 Update Suite which is not available for download yet.

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try this

The documentation and installer will be released before kickoff. There should be a message from an official communication channel coming soon.


The final release package is supposed to be more all-in-one than what we had to use during the Alpha. The three links that nickmcski posted are the ones I’ve been watching, and I subscribed to the Screensteps RSS feed.

The confusing part of the documentation is that it shows a wpilib installer that we couldn’t find. We ended up installing VS Code and then installing the wpilib extension.

This is not the WPILib installer - just the VSCode plugin, and the unrelated NI installer. The WPILib installer will install VSCode, the WPILib VSCode plugin, JDK 11, C++ roborio compiler, offline dependencies, and the desktop tools to C:\Users\Public\frc2019 (an unprivileged folder).

As Austin said, the installer and documentation will be released soon.


The 2019 kickoff release of WPILib is now available! Instructions here: https://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/currentCS/m/getting_started/l/999999-installing-c-and-java-development-tools-for-frc

The download link goes to the GitHub releases page, where you will find installer links for Win32 and Win64 in addition to the files needed for Mac and Linux (which don’t have an all-in-one installer).

As previously mentioned, this will not be usable on a robot until kickoff, as the 2019 roboRIO image is required, which is included in the NI 2019 update suite.


This episode only covered installation instructions for the alpha version which was intended for development before kickoff. An updated video will be released going over the season’s installer.

Between lastnight and today the “from Github” link was added, so now we have the installer!