WPILIB in the cloud

So I’ve been playing around with GitHub codespaces and was able to create a robot project with all of the extensions in a Java devcontainer.

Now I know it’s a long shot, but I tried to run the simulator. I received an error message titled no deployment targets.

Could the simulator be set up. (I know connecting joysticks and controllers would be the difficult next step, but I’m really more or less curious how far I can go.

Yes, in either GitHub codespaces or gitpod, if you use a base docker image that has xwindow forwarding over vnc, you can use the sim gui.

Did you get the joysticks to work?

Never tried. I think you would have to write a program that takes your joystick inputs from the client side browser and sets it up as a native Linux joystick. Or maybe there’s a vnc client that already does that. idk