WPILIB LabVIEW Math version 3.04 released

WPILIB LabVIEW Math version 3.04 has been released. It can be found on github at the link below. The resources section of the LabVIEW Getting Started page also points to this repository.

Changes to the library include:

  • Added new Differential and Swerve Pose Estimators – These mirror the new versions in the library for other languages. These use wheel distance/gyro odometry and add statistically filtered vision samples to help enhance the accuracy of the odometry. The function calls mirror the original functions. Replace the original vi with the counterpart ending with “2”.
  • The trajectory creation routine includes a new “rectangular region max speed” constraint that allows a trajectory to change its maximum velocity when going through a certain rectangular area.
  • A number of WPILIB isues were resolved.
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